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Where can I find out what ingredients are in my favorite Master of Mixes products?

A full list of ingredients is included in the ingredient statement on the product label on every bottle.  

Should they be refrigerated?

American Beverage Marketers recommends that Master of Mixes cocktail mixes be used within 6-8 weeks after being opened and kept refrigerated.  The “refrigerate after opening” statement that appears on our label exists to guarantee freshness over time.  Simply put, the product tastes superior if it is kept in a refrigerator after use.

What is the shelf life for Master of Mixes cocktail mixes?

The shelf life of a product depends on a number of factors such as storage time, temperature and age.  However, in general, if stored properly, all Master of Mixes cocktail mixes can be used within 24 months when unopened and stored at room temperature.

The only exception to this is Master of Mixes Lime Juice, which should be used within 12 months for optimal color and flavor.  

When do Master of Mixes cocktail mixes expire?

Master of Mixes cocktail mixes do not have an expiration date because they do not “expire” in the traditional sense of this word.  After their recommended use by date, their taste profile slowly begins to diminish.  

How can I read your manufacturing codes?

Look for the production code near the bottom of the bottle.  A sample of our code and how to interpret them appear below:

Product coded 1A-2357

1A – Internal Product Identification

235 – Day of the year it was produced (i.e. 235th day of the year)

7 – Year it was produced plus 1 (i.e. 7-1 = 6 = Produced in 2006)

Is there a way to get Master of Mixes coupons online?  If not, do you send out coupons for Master of Mixes products?

Currently we do not have an electronic distribution system for coupons.  We will certainly keep this in mind as an option for the future.  In the meantime, we hope that you’ll watch for product coupons on bottles at your local retailer.  

Are Master of Mixes products Kosher?

All Master of Mixes products are kosher. All Master of Mixes Kosher items are certified by the Orthodox Union (OU).

Why does it cost more to buy a bottle from your web store than at my local retailer?

The Master of Mixes webstore is meant to help customers find items that are not otherwise available in their local stores.  While it is not very cost-effective to pack and ship only a few bottles at a time, we do maintain this as a service to our customers.  Your local stores are able to offer these items at a lower price and if an item is available in your area, we recommend visiting a local retailer to purchase it.

Are your products dairy and/or gluten free?

All Master of Mixes cocktail mixes are gluten free. If your food allergies require more details to determine whether you can safely consume any Master of Mixes products, please use the form below to send us a question.

Is Cocktail Essentials Lime Juice sweetened or unsweetened?

Our lime juice is sweetened.  

Do you have recipes available?

There are recipes on the back label of each of our products to help you get started.

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