We scour the earth's premier growing regions, sourcing only renowned varieties of each fruit. Our fruit is picked at peak ripeness when it is the most plump, juicy and fragrant. We use an exclusive "gentle-processing" method that does not overcook the fruit. This results in a fresh, true-to-fruit flavor.
The standard for every Master of Mixes cocktail mix is the revered "scratch" version. In order to deliver a cocktail experience rivaling that produced by some of the world's foremost mixologists, we combine premium fruit juices and purees, together with natural sweeteners and pure essential oils. Master of Mixes allows its customers to mix scratch quality, hassle-free cocktails in just a matter of seconds,
Our passion for premium cocktails comes through in every sip of your finished drink - from the irresistible flavor to the sweet finish. We are dedicated to being the Truly Premium cocktail mix you ask for.

Flavor Juice% Fruit Juices Flavor Juice% Fruit Juices
Strawberry 14% Strawberry, Lime Sweet & Sour 8% Lemon, Lime
Pina Colada 28% Coconut, Pineapple Old Fashioned 6% Cherry, Orange, Natural Bitters
Margarita 10% Lime, Lemon Manhattan 6% Cherry, Natural Bitters
Bloody Mary 96% Tomato, Lemon Sour Apple 5% Lemon, Apple
Mai Tai 22% Lime, Pinapple Cosmopolitan 18% Cranberry, Lime
Mango 15% Mango, Lime Margarita LITE 10% Lime, Lemon
Strawberry Colada 30% Coconut, Strawberry Strawberry LITE 30% Strawberry, Lime
Collins 3% Lemon Sweet & Sour LITE 16% Lemon, Lime
Mojito 20% Lime, Natural Spearmint Red Sangria 30% Red Grape, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Pomegranate & Cherry
White Sangria 30% White Grape, Lemon, Lime, Peach, Pear & Banana

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