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You don’t become the global top-selling consumer mixer brand in the world without the highest commitment to quality. We scour the earth’s premier growing regions, sourcing only renowned varieties of each fruit, picked at peak ripeness, to deliver an experience rivaling that produced by some of the world’s foremost mixologists. 

Using an exclusive “gentle processing” method that does not overcook the fruit, our premium fruit juices and purees are combined with cane sugar and filtered water to create that fresh, true-to-fruit flavor every time. With Master of Mixes Cocktail Mixers and Cocktail Essentials, we’ve done the hard work so you can enjoy consistently high-quality cocktails sip after sip.

Your Guide To Amazing Cocktails

At Master of Mixes, we not only pride ourselves on crafting the world’s finest cocktail mixers, but equipping our customers with all the tools they need to craft the perfect scratch-quality cocktails at home. With thousands of recipes, how-to videos, technique demonstrations, and so much more, Master of Mixes offers everything you need to make millions of mixologist-quality drinks at home. From single-step Cocktail Mixers you can mix up in minutes to scratch-quality Cocktail Essentials made with the same ingredients used by the world’s foremost mixologists, there’s something for every skill level. Let’s get crafty with Master of Mixes! 

Cocktails You Can Pour With Pride

Bring Happy Hour Home

Master of Mixes allows customers to mix scratch-quality, hassle-free cocktails regardless of skill level. Get crafty with our Cocktail Essentials, or pour a drink in seconds with our Cocktail Mixers. 

The History of Premium Cocktails

Since the early 1970s, Master of Mixes has scoured the earth’s premier growing regions to bring home mixologists of every skill level the flavors, ingredients, and tools they need to craft their favorite cocktails at home. To this day, that passion remains our mission: delivering our customers at home cocktail experience rivaling the world’s foremost mixologists.

Meet Dean,
The Master of Mixes

With more than 25 years in the bartending industry, Dean Serneels brings his spirited cocktail innovations to home mixologists across the world. Whether you need a one-step cocktail for a dinner party, or you want to impress with a signature cocktail made from scratch, you can count on Dean to help you shake, stir, and garnish like a pro.