Meet Our Mixologist

The Master of Mixes

Dean Serneels, Director - Beverage Applications, American Beverage Marketers

With more than 25 years in the bartending industry,

Dean doesn’t meet many strangers. Throughout his many years in the industry, Dean’s numerous awards and accolades showcase his talents, achievements, and dedication to the bartending community. With a charismatic energy that motivates and inspires, Dean has become a foremost expert in mixology and a resource to many around the world.

Today, Dean helps home mixologists of all skill levels perfect their craft with Master of Mixes. Find thousands of recipes, how-to videos, technique demonstrations, and so much more on our YouTube channel, brought to you by our very own Master of Mixes.

About Dean

A bartender by trade, Dean worked as a bartending trainer and consultant before joining us at Master of Mixes. The pioneer of flair bartending, Dean also created Flairco, Inc., where he invented the original Flairco Flair Bottle. Dean’s creation is now used by thousands of flair bartenders worldwide, as well as the phrase “Finest Call Stall,” which has become a staple move in flair bartending competitions.

His vast experience in the bartending community has led to many appearances on television, including the Search for the Ultimate Coyote and the Host of Food Network Challenge: Bartender Battle. Hosting more than 100 bartending competitions, Dean has become an expert on bar-related topics, presenting at nationwide conferences like Cheers and Nightclub & Bar.

Now in his eleventh year as our director of beverage applications, Dean enjoys working directly with beverage managers and chain accounts on cocktail placements in many of today's leading and up-and-coming restaurants. Due to his innovative and forward-thinking cocktail creations, many of these concepts are enjoying record sales and industry awards. Since joining our team, Dean has enjoyed the opportunity to explore and expand his creativity in cocktail design. His spirited innovations in the art and practical applications of beverage programs make him a KEY resource to our national accounts sales team, as well as our customers at home who enjoy crafting the perfect cocktail. 

“I am in a unique position within the industry. My role enables me to develop strategic and creative programs for wonderful concepts at various stages of their success. Including working with great mixologists from spirit suppliers, distributors, and third-party marketers.”

Dean Serneels